“Gnomeling Journeys to Joddeburg, The Tales of Christian Tompta, Book 3”

Christian’s gone and done it this time! Papa has to get involved, and together they journey across the Ohio countryside to find out Christian’s fate. This gnomeling  wants so badly to earn his mystical shoes and conical, yet things just don’t seem to go his way. Join Christian and Papa as they team up with friends, meet new gnomes, watch the Gnomympic Games, visit the gnome village of Joddeburg and face misadventure. Will Papa handle things now? Will Christian cower, and give up all he has worked for? Or will Christian face the challenges set before him?

The latest installment in “The Tales of Christian Tompta” can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/yaamu4ad

Gnomeling Journeys to Joddeburg Kindle Cover
“Gnomeling Journeys to Joddeburg” Cover